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M O M E N T U M / Berlin Zur Homepage von M O M E N T U M / Berlin

Kunstquartier Bethanien, 2 Mariannenplatz, 10997 Berlin

Momentum was developed as one way to envision a more sustainable alternative to the art fair - one which reconnects the art market to arts practice and exhibition. In the ongoing process of its realization, it became much more than that.

Momentum is a laboratory designed to question and counteract the commercial marginalization of some of the most innovative and exciting art practices today. It embraces an area of contemporary practice that is consistently under-represented - film/video, new media, performance and sound - and provides a platform for galleries to showcase art of the moving image and moving body in a professional environment of exhibition, dialogue, reception, and innovation.

As a platform bringing together a carefully selected group of artists, their galleries and arts professionals, the aim of Momentum is to create a worldwide network of practitioners, influential decision makers and theorists to address, across global locations, the evolving concerns of time-based practices, both live performance and media-based. We aim to nurture these practices by providing a traveling yet sustainable environment where they are exhibited, sold, performed, discussed and created.

Each Momentum event will be comprised of the following: Exhibitors carefully selected from both commercial and non-commercial galleries; a Discussion Forum; a Project Space; and an international network of Residencies.

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